Be very, very quiet, it’s the off season!

Hello race fans!

It’s been a while since Motorato Ware won season2 and we haven’t been sleeping, well not much.

RaceSL has been hard at work developing the first season of ForumlaSL car racing. We want to continue to bring the best in GP racing to SL. The FormulaSL season kicks off in under two weeks. MotoSL will begin shortly after. The two race events will not have conflicting race times. It will be very possible for someone to race in both.

Season 3 of MotoSL will feature many new things as it is our tradition between series to step things up. We are planning new HUDs for the bikes as well as a redesign of the motor, traction and dynamics of the bikes. We are not sure yet, but we are thinking about using the Hawk 10R model again for season 3. There is an outside chance that we will have a new model to race this season. is our new mothership on the web. MotoSL doesn’t have a spot there currently, but season 3 will all be covered at instead of wordpress, which will provide us with greater freedom and range of possibilities for our web coverage.

If you are interested in the FormulaSL series then look up the FormulaSL group and join for event notices. We have car rezzers at all the tracks for testing.

One more note, RaceSL has aquired yet another private island to be used as a full size GP race track. We are waiting to take delivery of this Sim. Soon as a track is up I’ll post it’s location to , the new home for MotoSL and FormulaSL.

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One Comment on “Be very, very quiet, it’s the off season!”

  1. JoeConcertina Says:


    When will season 3 kick off?

    For the Moto…

    Ciao, Joe

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