Be very, very quiet, it’s the off season!

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Hello race fans!

It’s been a while since Motorato Ware won season2 and we haven’t been sleeping, well not much.

RaceSL has been hard at work developing the first season of ForumlaSL car racing. We want to continue to bring the best in GP racing to SL. The FormulaSL season kicks off in under two weeks. MotoSL will begin shortly after. The two race events will not have conflicting race times. It will be very possible for someone to race in both.

Season 3 of MotoSL will feature many new things as it is our tradition between series to step things up. We are planning new HUDs for the bikes as well as a redesign of the motor, traction and dynamics of the bikes. We are not sure yet, but we are thinking about using the Hawk 10R model again for season 3. There is an outside chance that we will have a new model to race this season. is our new mothership on the web. MotoSL doesn’t have a spot there currently, but season 3 will all be covered at instead of wordpress, which will provide us with greater freedom and range of possibilities for our web coverage.

If you are interested in the FormulaSL series then look up the FormulaSL group and join for event notices. We have car rezzers at all the tracks for testing.

One more note, RaceSL has aquired yet another private island to be used as a full size GP race track. We are waiting to take delivery of this Sim. Soon as a track is up I’ll post it’s location to , the new home for MotoSL and FormulaSL.


A great race at Snowpeach for the Cal Sportbike Corsa Classic

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Race Report

Hollie Wood took the win at the first ever Cal Sportbike Corsa Classic today. Many people came out to welcome to SL and to try to win the 10,000+ that Owner Sage Barbosa put on the line.

We had 8 action packed heat races with the winners advancing to the final.

The final race had 8 of the days best riders facing off in windy conditions. Hollie and Motorato Ware traded the lead with Moto starting to pull away when she lost the front end in a terrible crash. Moto was able to recover and work her way back to finish 3rd. Meanwhile Hollie streaked past the line to take first dragging her MotoSL teammate Mara Kohl right behind her for second place on the day.

Many new privateers came out to mix it up with some top level GP riders for some realy strong results. Tenaki Kupferber took 4th over all with Ice Powell right behind. Lacie Voss who rode some races for the MotoSL team winning Red Wings last season had a good race for 6th over all. Bike Racer who finished 3rd over all last season had a little trouble with traffic to take 7th in todays race. Kiri Hua had a strong first event to make it to the main event for 8th best of the day.

Congratulations and thanks to all the riders for making today such fun. Thanks to Cal-Sportbikes for hosting this event at Snowpeach.

Race Data

Main Event
1st Hollie Wood 15 laps
2nd Mara Kohl -1 laps
3rd Motorato Ware -1 laps
4th Tenaki Kupferberg -2 laps
5th Ice Powell -2 laps
6th Lacie Voss -3 laps
7th Bike Racer -4 laps
8th Kiri Hua -5 laps

Heat Race 1
1st Hollie Wood 10 laps – 241.268
2nd Tenaki Kupferberg -1 laps
3rd Kiri Hua -1 laps
4th Lacie Voss -2 laps
5th Chris Frontenac -8 laps
6th Steel Sol -9 laps

Heat Race 2
1st Bike Racer 10 laps – 259.528
2nd Kiri Hua -53.745 secs
3rd Dale Harmison -3 laps
4th Count Bayliss -4 laps
5th Zamboi Bracken -4 laps
6th Mara Kohl -5 laps

Heat Race 3
1st Motorato Ware 10 laps – 254.338
2nd Mara Kohl -34.747 secs
3rd Tenaki Kupferberg -1 laps
4th Lacie Voss -3 laps
5th dylan Peccable -5 laps
6th Chris Frontenac -5 laps

Heat Race 4
1st Kiri Hua 10 laps – 288.373
2nd Thorn Blackflag -1 laps
3rd Dale Harmison -1 laps
4th Count Bayliss -3 laps
5th Zamboi Bracken -3 laps
6th Chris Frontenac -8 laps

Heat Race 5
1st Tenaki Kupferberg 10 laps – 274.931
2nd Chris Frontenac -3.246 secs
3rd Jake Abramovich -1 laps
4th Matt Kraken -2 laps
5th Lacie Voss -3 laps
6th Thorn Blackflag -3 laps

Heat Race 6
1st Mara Kohl 10 laps – 304.177
2nd Matt Kraken -12.543 secs
3rd Chris Frontenac -2 laps
4th Zamboi Bracken -2 laps
5th Vincent Nacon -2 laps
6th Lion Luna -3 laps

Heat Race 7
1st Lacie Voss 10 laps – 316.793
2nd Ice Powell -7.132 secs
3rd Vincent Nacon -1 laps
4th Jake Abramovich -2 laps
5th Rabu Ornitz -6 laps
6th Matt Kraken -6 laps

Heat Race 8
1st Ice Powell 10 laps – 315.317
2nd Zamboi Bracken -4 laps
3rd Count Bayliss -5 laps
4th Jake Abramovich -6 laps
5th Sketchs Wise -7 laps
6th Rabu Ornitz -9 laps

Hollie Wood takes home the gold from CalSportbike event

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Report to follow, but here are some pics. Congrats, Hollie!

calsportbikeevent_001-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_003-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_005-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_012-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_019-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_026-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_033b-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_036-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_038-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_040-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_051-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_054-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_048-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_046-1024.jpg calsportbikeevent_056-1024.jpg

Cal Sportbike Corsa Classic this weekend.

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It’s the off season for MotoSL, a time to relax and reflect on the racing past, let broken bones heal, get the surgery you’ve been putting off….or maybe not! You might want to your boots back on.

The Cal Sportbike Corsa Classic is all set to run this weekend. If you haven’t seen the posters or been keeping up with the news then you might not know it’s at Snowpeach this saturday at Noon SL time.

There will be 8 heat races open to all. The winners of the heat races will race in a final to decide who is the winner of the first Cal Sportbike Corsa Classic. has donated over 10,000L in prizes for this one day event. Let’s get out there and put on a good show!

The numbers of MotoSL – interesting facts

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Here’s some facts and figures about the SL-MRA and MotoSL.

MotoSL Season 2 :

12 races were held over 4 month period.

5 tracks were used, including 2 versions of Mooz.

60,000+ Linden$ were giving out.

10 teams were allowed to join the championship for season 2 and 16 independent riders participated.

36 riders earned points in season 2 (top 15 finish). Of them, 12 had podium finishes and 7 scored a race win.

3 riders started (and 2 finished) every race: Moto, Bike, and Mara (Mara with one dnf).

4 riders missed only 2 races: Silk, Thorn, Maczter, and Matt.

18 riders qualified (max allowed) at Misp for Race 3 and Snowpeach for Race 11.

11 took the green flag at Mooz for Race 10 for the fewest starters.

0 scheduled races were postponed or cancelled.

track records (fastest race lap)
Misp: 22.690, Stillywack Stilman, Stilman Motors
Mooz (speedway version): 22.759, Motorato Ware, OMG Magazine
Mooz (chicane version): 25.564, Motorato Ware, OMG Magazine.
Snowpeach: 20.774, Kalel Mommsen, RefleX Racing
Silver Springs: 21.964, Raver Bellow, RD Racing


1300 people have joined the SL Motorcycle Racing Association.

2 full race seasons of 12 weekly races have been completed over the last year.

4 race tracks can be found in SL built to RaceSL SL-MRA useable spec.

2 of these tracks are owned by SL-MRA.

7,687 non-admin visits to this site since it’s conception a few months ago to the time of this writing. It often sees 200+ the day following a race. The best day was 247. The day after race 12 saw 235 visits.

150,000+ Linden$ have been giving out by the SL-MRA and White’s Bikes in prizes.

0 has been the amount of L charged to race in a MotoSL race.

43500 Linden$ is the amount of L made from creation fees of custom bikes for season 2.

80,000 is the amount of Linden$ it would cost each month for a single track.

400,000+ Linden$ to open a track.

179 people are on the banned list at Misp. So play nice!

6 is the estimated amount of weeks before the first race of MotoSL-3

Thanks to Motorato Ware for helping to compile these numbers.

Pictures from the award party.

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Congratulations to everyone for a great season two. We’ll take a break for a few weeks while we develop some new stuff for season 3, but the racing wont stop. Next Saturday we have a big race at Snowpeach for over 10,000L in prizes for the one event. Stay tuned for info. Now here’s some pictures from the awards.


Award Ceremony (and party!) this Saturday

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Come to Hotgates this saturday April 14 at noon SL (regular race time) for the award party.

We will crown our champions! and then… we dance!

DJ Miggy is booked to play some songs so leave your helmets off. Or at least open the visors 🙂

We’ll talk about the season past and the upcoming season.
There will be slide shows and highlight reels from season 2, some presentations, as well as a few other goodies we are making up.

A time for us to say thanks to all the good people and riders involved in this project. I suspect a few new teams for season 3 might come out of this party 🙂